Temperature and Humidity Mapping

We perform measurements of temperature and humidity distribution in facilities like storehouses, cold rooms, climatic chambers, production rooms, laboratories, … 

Measurement is performed using temperature and humidity loggers with internal memory for 16 000 measurements. This allows us to freely choose the location of sensors and system installation can be done quickly and efficiently. Data acquisition is fully automatic so the mapping process, depending on individual requirements, can last for many days. 

Details of the tests ( logging rate, total duration of the test, the form of provided results ) are set individually, depending on your needs.

An example of results obtained from the warehouse using 33 T/TH sensors.

After the measurements we deliver:

  • protocol including the basic parameters of temperature and humidity distribution (max, min, average values, stability, homogeneity),
  • graphs of measured values,
  • set of all the collected data in Excel format,
  • calibration certificates of the sensors,
  • sensor location map,
  • certificate of the reference used for calibration
  • on request MKT calculation (average kinetic temperature), compliance with requirements
In addition to the standard temperature and humidity measurements we can perform special tests to check the influence of various factors (such as opening doors in the cold store) on the stability of environmental conditions.