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We have been delivering modern solutions in the field of metrology and automation for over 30 years. We specialize in the design and installation of automated measuring systems. We build systems based both on our own original solutions and on the basis of equipment from other manufacturers. We measure and record various physical quantities, depending on individual customer requirements. Our measuring systems are used in scientific research, for controlling production processes as well as for monitoring of environmental parameters.

To provide our clients with comprehensive service in the implementation and operation of precision measuring instruments, we have built our own calibration laboratory. We calibrate primarily equipment for electrical measurements, but also temperature and humidity meters.

Having appropriate technical facilities, we also carry out various measurements. This mainly applies to applications in which it is necessary to automatically collect data from many measurement points. We have been specializing in the performance of temperature and humidity distribution tests in various types of facilities (warehouses, cold stores, climate chambers, etc.). In this case, our clients are mainly pharmaceutical companies where the control of these parameters is of particular importance.Our many years of experience and appropriate technical equipment allow us to carry out orders for demanding contractors, for whom quality is extremely important.


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